A friend of mine told me about this product, I have a 9 year female pit bull who is suffering from arthritis as well as an old injury that flares up. We've only been able to handle 15 minute walks that usually end in me dragging her at the end. She's been on petwonder for 5 days now and we just got in from our walk and she pulled me the whole way. I'm very impressed so far with this product. Thank you from myself and Molly.

Amy Farnham, Welland, ON


I have had different dogs on Pet Wonder for about 10 years. Once I saw the results it provided for my geriatric Min Pin at the time, I began recommending it to everyone with elderly animals or animals who have genetic joint problems. I was so impressed, I started buying it by the case so I could pass a small savings on to my friends in dog rescue. I've seen it make a difference for dogs of all sizes and breeds, and I whole-heartedly recommend Pet Wonder to anyone considering a joint supplement for their pets. Not only is it effective, it is also cost efficient when compared to other supplements, being one of the only products to use shark cartilage, and having a 90-capsule bottle.

Ginger Baldwin, Texas

My name is Chris Wainman and friends of mine have an 8 year old yellow lab named Chevy. I have known Chevy since he was only 8 weeks old, and being the animal lover that I am, I always dog sit Chevy whenever needed. Chevy has always been a happy, playful, energetic fun loving dog. However about a year ago Chevy started showing signs of slowing down in his old age as well as signs of arthritis. In that past 2 months it had gotten to the point where Chevy was having a hard time even getting up from laying down, and even when he was up he would have a slight limp and move very slow. For me to see Chevy in that state, it was breaking my heart. Therefore I went to the Pet Store and asked them if there was anything available for a case like Chevy. The owner of the pet store immediately showed me these pills called “Pet Wonder”. Although I was very skeptical, I bought a bottle and brought them over to my friend’s place. They started giving Chevy 5 pills a day. I went back to visit about a week later, and when I saw Chevy, there was definitely a noticeable difference. I was almost in disbelief. Another week went by, and when I went over to visit again, I couldn’t believe it. Chevy was not showing any signs of arthritis whatsoever. He had no trouble getting up from laying down, and was running around like a young puppy. I would never have believed it about Pet Wonder if I didn’t see it for myself first hand, but this stuff really does work, as well as turned Chevy into a pain free playful dog again. They don’t even need to put the pills in cheese anymore for Chevy to eat them. Chevy just eats them out of his dog dish with his breakfast. Thanks a million Pet Wonder!!!! Chevy says thank you as well!!

Kind Regards,
Chris Wainman, Fort McMurray, AB

My name is Kelsee, I am from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I have an 11 year old black lab, Rickey. In the past few years he has been showing signs of arthritis, as most labs do in their older years. My dog is my baby, so I knew I had to do something to make him feel better, though he never cried, or showed he was in any pain, I still felt I needed to give him something to get him back to his old self (as I call it, the 11 year old who acts like a 3 year old puppy running around the yard!)..I went to my local groomers shop, because they carry lots of products, and I fully trust their opinion when it comes to products that will help my dog..... there were 3 products there, (2 which were extremely expensive)… so I asked "which would you recommend!"…they responded "well, we go with what our customers tell us works, and everyone says that pet wonder is amazing!"...so I said "ring it in!"...I'm about half way through the bottle, giving my dog 3 pills a day..and the difference already is noticable! he doesnt limp when he gets up from laying down, he can climb the stairs easier and he has more better days than bad...so thank you! Your product is amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone!

Kelsee, and Rickey the dog!

Our family thought we would have to put our 14 year old dog, Sandy, down. She was having trouble walking, as her front paws and hind legs would buckle underneath her, causing her to fall on her face or behind. There were times she could hardly walk. We took her to the vet and he diagnosed her with arthritis and put her on Prednisene, and an aspirin a day. She slowly did a little better over the week. My husband and I went away for three weeks, and while we were gone our daughter came home and found Sandy on her bed, very limp and lethargic. She thought Sandy has stroked. She called the vet, took her there and he gave her a steroid injection. She was told to massage her joints and keep giving her the aspirin. She did pretty good, although we would have to lift Sandy down over the stairs to go outside, then she would sit a the top of the 4th step until we lifted her back in. Our daughter was beside herself, as she thought we would have to put Sandy down while we were away. She kept Sandy comfortable until we got home. When we got home I took Sandy to the groomer and told the young lady to be gentle as the arthritis was really bad and that she was on Predisene. She told me about the product Pet Wonder sold in their store, as she had had her 12 year old cat on it. I bought a bottle to try with Sandy. Well, here it is several years later, and we still have our lovely dog. I give her two capsules of Pet Wonder a day. She now runs to greet us at the door, wants to play sock, runs in the yard, and is very playful and pain free, thanks to that product Pet Wonder. It is wonderful to see Sandy rejuvenated. We know that she is getting older and her time is now shorter, but she has a good quality of life now, pain free due to the advice of our groomer and the product Pet Wonder. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. We have told so many of our friends about this product.

Joyce Jenkins, Mt. Pearl, NF

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